Kelli Bell Nooney

HR, Event Sales & Coordination

Kelli (former nomad, world traveler and food enthusiast) strolled into Chico on the heels of her husband, Women’s track coach for Chico State, and landed a job with Bacio her first week in town.

With a master’s degree in educational leadership and over ten years’ experience event planning , Kelli is a happy camper at the renowned catering company working alongside the ultra-smart and creative talent that are her Bacio peers.

From Sundance Film Festival to Tribeca (and too many college orientations, concerts and graduations to list) she brings a fresh and inventive organization to the team. She has a reputation for connecting with her clients and executing their vision, down to the letter. And…it should go without saying, but … loves that she gets to bring the most delicious and beautiful food to their table.

Outside of work, you can find Kelli with her husband and 1 year old, Reese McCall, at the track, on the trails or riding their tandem bike (for three).

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