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Amanda Leveroni
Amanda knew as a 10 year old that riding her stingray bike (hot pink, white sparkle banana seat ☺) across her native city of Tampa to hang out at the Italian deli on Saturdays was somewhat unusual for a little kid. Her parents knew “creative need” when they saw it, and a space at the stove (after ballet class) made her heart sing. College never called her name for long, but the road surely did. Travels, discoveries and new friends led to all the goodness that happens when people come together over a meal. Her love of gatherings only blossomed and a passion for creating beautiful food for others was born.After countless cities and restaurant gigs, she landed in Chico in 1984 and Bacio began as a pasta and ravioli company. Her products were enjoyed from Portland to L.A., but the demands of mothering her two young children made it clear it was time to be closer to home. She hung up the pasta press and put on her catering apron. Flying by the seat of her pants, she was both to happy to discover that juggling five plates in the air, while creating delicious, beautiful food, came naturally to her. Gatherings gave way to weddings (and more weddings) and soon Bacio became synonymous with exemplary service, beautiful cuisine and consistent professionalism.Amanda is proud of the impeccable team she calls her family and credits her success in business with her ability to attract bright, dedicated, fun people. The “mutual admiration society” that is her company, is a think tank of creativity, hard work, and respect.
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Amanda Leveroni Owner, Event Sales & Coordination

Paige Nies
Paige Nies grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her upbringing instilled an environmentally conscious mindset and a taste for homegrown ingredients. She reflects these ideals in her cooking by creating dishes with the farmer in mind. Quality produce is only as good as the soil its planted in; keep it simple and you won't lose the taste of the land in which it's grown.She started her culinary career at 15 outside of Boulder. At 18, she found herself eager for an adventure with fresh faces and new scenery. California called and Paige landed in Chico, a sustainable community surrounded by locally supported agriculture. Starting out as a Chico State student, the lure of working with ingredients grown down the street and the array of produce available got her trading in her textbooks for a knife. Working with her hands was what she was meant to do.After making connections and working her way up in various restaurants, her hunger for wholesome and seasonal food led her to Bacio where she found a creative outlet, a load of knowledge from Bacio veterans, and a group of stellar human beings.Paige combines her extensive knowledge of the inter workings and logistics of a well-run kitchen with a unified crew to provide a memorable gathering and a meal to match.Whether it’s cooking her favorite comfort foods or preparing Indian, Asian, or Latin cuisines, she loves to have friends and family over for not only delicious food but the nourishment of time spent together.At home, Paige regularly brews her own Kombucha, bakes bread, and dabbles in fermentation. When she’s not at the shop she’s most likely fly fishing with her husband or hiking with her two pups, Dixie and Jaxson.
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Paige Nies Culinary Director

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