Our Staff

Erika Montanez

Erika Montanez she/her

Joel Tucker

Favorite Food to make: Spaghetti carbonara

Joel Tucker he/him

Carson Cravens

Favorite Food to make : Any type of meat on her Green Egg smoker

Carson Cravens she/her

Angel Lang

Favorite Food to make: The favorite dish of whoever she’s cooking for

Angel Lang she/her

Emily Cooper

Favorite Food to make: Tacos of any kind

Emily Cooper she/her

Morgan Heffley

Favorite Food to make: Tacos!

Morgan Heffley she/her

Katie Bolster

Favorite Food to make: Albondigas soup

Katie Bolster she/her

Ed Crowley

Favorite Food to make: Indian or Asian dishes

Ed Crowley he/him

Melodie Anguiera

Favorite Food: Vegetarian ravioli with olive oil and fresh sage she had in Cinque Terre, Italy

Melodie Anguiera she/her

Kylee Talley

Favorite Food to make: Anything on the smoker

Kylee Talley she/her

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